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We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. We stand with all other true Christians who believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and that he is the source of salvation. We know and appreciate that we have much more in common with other Christian denominations than we have differences.


We believe in soul competency/responsibility. This means that we believe that each person is capable and responsible to respond to God’s love individually. Closely related, we believe in the priesthood of all believers. Each one of us has the rights and responsibilities of “priests” in that we can relate directly to God and do not need any other person (other “priest or pastor”) to speak for us. We each have the privilege to worship, read Scriptures, and pray knowing that our God hears us and speaks to us. We also believe in the autonomy of the local church. Though we should cooperate with other churches, we are not under the authority of any other governing body. Our church is free to worship and serve as we understand God’s leading.

Southern Baptists

In particular as Baptists, we are a part of the Southern Baptist Convention. Our distinctive from other Baptists is that we voluntarily cooperate with other Southern Baptists to get much work done in the name of Christ. We financially support missionaries around the world, six seminaries, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Disaster Relief, and many other entities that share the love of Christ in both word and deed. Because we are an autonomous church, we don’t always agree with the stances or statements made by leaders of the SBC or by other churches. However, we agree far more than we disagree about the basics. Here is a link to a document that fairly well represents our basic beliefs. It is called the Baptist Faith and Message. There are a few minor points that our church does not necessarily agree with.

The Bible

We believe the Bible is the Word of God - written by men, inspired by God. All of it is the Word of God. When we read and study the Bible, we recognize that we naturally interpret what it means. We take into consideration the content, the context, and the culture. And we desperately need the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Because of different backgrounds and perspectives, sincere and godly people may disagree in interpretation and application. But again, we find that we agree far more than we disagree. Most importantly, because the Bible is the Word of God, it is our “go to.” It is the authority for us as Christians and as a church. We welcome all kinds of questions and discussions about who we are. We hope we will find common ground with you and that we might seek God together in this great adventure of life.


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Orange Strategy

As a church we combine the reach and influence with the love of the family to reach youth and children with the Good News of the Gospel.

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FBC Mason is a great church with an awesome facility for reaching youth and families!

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