Worship Services


Worship and Other Activities

Sunday Mornings

9:15 a.m. Bible Study for all ages

We consider this our most important time in terms of our personal growth and connection with the church. We study the Bible as God's Word and develop strong relationships in order to encourage and support each other. Classes are by grades for children and youth and loosely by age for adults. You can try different classes and will certainly find one that fits your personality and style.

Sunday Mornings

10:30 a.m.     Worship

Our worship, like many other churches, involves music, prayer, fellowship, teaching, and an occasional special event or even a surprise! Because we have a very diverse congregation in age, likes and preferences, our worship can involve different styles as well. Typically, most would say we have a "blended" service with both hymns and newer choruses. The strength in this is that we recognize that the worship service is not about what we like, but about honoring our God. We strive to make sure that the service is not about the people, especially the people leading the service, but that the service is fully focused on our God--his love toward us in Jesus Christ and His Word to us as His followers. Though most of us "enjoy" worship, our goal is far beyond that hour (OK, hour and fifteen minutes) on Sunday mornings. We want to be changed for the good . . . good for God, good for each other, and good for others who still need to know how much God loves them.



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